In the Bathtub

Hello Sunday. My favourite day of the week. I lead quite a hectic life: I’m a twenty-something, who works 50 hours a week, and then comes home to take care of my furry baby (and occassionally my other half, if he isn’t at work). I do laundry, I clean, I shop, I wash up, and I use Saturday to do all the normal people things my work-life stops me from doing, and Sunday is my “me” day. I’m often alone (I might not work weekends, but the Mr does), so spend it rejuvenating or baking or cleaning or gaming or relaxing… basically ambling around at my own pace so that I’m ready for another 50 hour week without burning the candle at both ends.

Sunday is also my bath day. I generally hate baths. They take up so much time, when a 5-minute shower really would suffice, and I detest the “prune” feeling where your fingers and toes go all wrinkly. But I allow every Sunday to be a routine let’s spend some time to actually pamper yourself and fulfill female stereotypes kind of a time. I’m a morning bath kind of person, so that I still have plenty of day left to do my own thing.

And my baths are never complete it without a bathbomb from Lush. I’m a fanatic. I have a surplus of limited addition ‘bombs and bubble bars, face masks, shampoos and other natural products from there and I love every one.

This is today’s bath, featuring ‘Blackberry Bath Bomb’. 20170312_094951It is very purple. It was a relatively slow fizzer, which was nice because it really gave the oils and fragrances time to infuse. On the surface of the water, as you can see quite well in the photo above, is the Frankincense Oil that gives the ‘bomb quite a pleasantly musky smell. It is complimented rather nicely by the delicate Bergamot (which reminds me a bit of Floral Gums). Together, they create a lovely neutral smell, neither particularly masculine or feminine. You also get a subtle citrus note from the Bergamot too. It really is a stress and tension reliever: I had a lot on my mind before and now I could quite happily float my way through the rest of the day. The water stays vibrant purple for the baths duration, without staining the bath or the skin which is quite nice for a something so vivid. The “boom” is a nice little comedic touch too.

And of course, my trusty companion is never far away. If it’s just you and the cat in the house, and you take a bath? He meows around in every(!) room looking for you.20170312_113935 He hates water, so once he’s content he knows you’re safe, he sits outside the bathroom to wait until you re-emerge.

As for plans for the rest of the day? I bought Thief and Dragon Age: Inquisition for myself yesterday, so I am going to give one of those a go. I’ve recently finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it’s still a while yet until Shadow of War comes out. 

Sundays are made to be Lazy.

Final Results:
Name: Blackberry Bath Bomb
Cost: £3.50
Fragrance: Bergamot and Frankincense
Fizz: Medium speed
Staining:minimal to no residue
Rating: 7 out of 10

Final thoughts:
A nice calming bath bomb, almost a more grown up version of the Ickle Baby Bot ‘bomb, subtle gender-neutral smell, great colour dispersion. A medium speed fizzer, it gives you time to watch the water ombre as it moves around the tub – nothing too spectacular, but not over too quickly. It smells good during this, the scent lingers, and it is something that stays around for a while (I can smell it on my skin hours later!). Not necessarily blackberry related other than colour, but a safe bet for those who need to relax, or for those who want to use it for it’s herbal or homeopathic properties (antibacterial, anxiety reducing). I wouldn’t say that it would take a place in my top 10 but I would buy it again in the future.


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