In the Bathtub II

Well thank goodness that is Monday over and done with. What a busy and slightly stressful day – no more than a usual Monday I suppose, but I am not quite in top health; my throat’s a bit sore and my wisdom teeth are playing me up, though it’s nothing that some painkillers, a hot bath and some ice cream can’t fix!!

So a nice hot bath is what I wanted, contrary to me saying yesterday that I didn’t like weekday baths, and I only have them on Sunday’s blah blah blah (I was rather looking forward to writing another review actually, so I suppose that helped too!). Anyway! On to the ‘bomb.

17273713_10209320935560558_1283455351_oToday’s bath featured ‘Lava Lamp’ a rather special looking bath bomb that, up until about September 2016, had been an Oxford Street Exclusive so you know you’re in for something special. The bath does, very quickly, become quite orange. Like, tango orange. And the smell is amazing. Immediately the room is filled with a citrus-y aroma that is like a mixture of orange fruit pastels and orange soda: it’s a smell that instantly transports you somewhere summery. It’s very uplifting and refreshing. If a smell could be vibrant, this smell would be it.

The main ingredient in this bath bomb is Sodium Bicarbonate, so it is a very quick fizzer and the colour is instantaneous – it is very suddenly like looking at a bath full of orange soda! Perhaps the most interesting part of the ‘bomb though, are the three purple spots on the topmost part of the sphere. Before it goes in the bath, you can see and feel that it has a waxy texture that starts to melt with body heat. Upon being dropped in the bath, the oils within these spots start to melt in the water. BUT (and it’s a big but!!) they don’t really go anywhere: they don’t dissolve, but rather they float on the surface of the water. It literally looks like the bits in Lava Lamps. You can move them around with your fingers… it’s really cool. They are made from olive oil, castor oil and cocoa butter.

Check out those beads of oil! And the colours are just divine!

: Oil is actually less dense than water because the molecules that make up oils are larger than those that make up water, so they can’t be packed as tightly together. They take up more space but are less compacted and therefore oils are able to sit on top of water without initially dissolving.

The oil-y tabs actually make for a very nourishing moisturiser: you can certainly feel the residue on your skin both in and after get out of the bath, though not in an unpleasant way. It is very smoothing and softening, whilst the cocoa butter also conditions your skin. They fragrance plays a big part in the the enjoyment of this ‘bomb. It is citrus, citrus and more citrus: Tangerine, Sicilian Mandarin and Orange Flower all give bold statements that work so beautifully together that you could be walking down an Italian boulevard with orange trees growing either side, the sun washing over tanned skin… you get the picture. The purple er… [briefly pauses to google whether the floaty bits in lava lamps have an official name; they don’t, but globule sounds a little gross, so we’ll go with] blobs disappear far too quickly, though rather than disappear altogether they gravitate to the side of the tub which incidentally we’ll get on to now.

Not the best quality photograph, for some reason, but you get the picture!

Once the bath water goes cold and starts the drain, that purple oily residue to here to stay for a bit, with lovely purple water marks at the top, and orange stuff on the bottom on the bath! After a stressful day and then an uplifting summery bath, scrubbing the tub is not, is repeat is NOT what the doctor ordered! But I guess you’ve got to weigh up both sides.

Final Results
Lava Lamp
Cost: £4.25
Fragrance: Citrus
Fizz: Speedy, with purple melty bits
Staining:double whammy of residue!
Rating: 8 out of 10

Final Thoughts
A pleasantly surprising and uplifting bath bomb, the citrus is likely to brighten the darkest of days. It is clear to see why this was an Oxford Street exclusive, but I am very glad that they made it more widely available. The Lava-Lamp theme really extends to beyond it’s name, with the strikingly contrasting colours and the science that has gone into making the blobby-bits blobby! I’d say it just misses out on a place in my top 5, purely because of the clean up. After getting clean, no one wants to then have to clean!! The smell is its saving grace here and I would definitely recommend it! My skin feels so soft, and it smells so good that it is definitely on the list of buy again. A little more pricey than the usual bog-standard Lush ‘bomb, but how many times can you (SAFELY) bath in a Lava Lamp for £4.25 huh? It’s got my vote.




2 thoughts on “In the Bathtub II

  1. Love Lush! Brilliant review – I’ve never tried Lava Lamp personally, would love to try it though. I write Lush reviews too if you like reading reviews yourself 😉 Your font is a little difficult to read though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is definitely a good one to try! I do actually 😉 ah cool, thanks for the feedback (in all honesty I didn’t know you could change the font), so I’ll look into that!! 🙂


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