Shower Power

Fed up with the constant need to go through the entirety of my bathing routine, I actually decided to trial one of my (several) Valentine’s Day presents (I got a gift set) and have a shower. 17455184_10209385867063805_54263249_oThe Prince Charming shower cream is ridiculously, outrageously PINK! It becomes apparent quite quickly that it is not just your average shower gel… it is so thick, it’s like someone has melted plasticine or a candle to create it. It stays the vibrant magenta too, even after it bubbles up or is rubbed into the skin, and heaven forbid you high five the tiles in the bathroom because the bright pink hand print will stay. right. where. it. was. put! 

Overall, I like it, I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but it’s alright. I love, I simply adore, the full-bodied-ness of it: it is much more luxurious than a regular shower gel, and using it feels like a treat. The cocoa-butter leaves your skin feeling really silky smooth and wonderful. The only thing I am not quite sure on… is the smell. To me, it reminds me of Vimto. And I really don’t like Vimto. It is sort sickly sweet and a little over the top, almost over pungent, coming from the marshmallow root and the vanilla. I understand that it is supposed to be 17407734_10209385866503791_1848697918_oreminisce of the gifts of Valentine’s Day but to me, I would much rather the Pomegranate and the Grapefruit came through more – but hey: not everything can be citrusy. It’s definitely a wake-up-shake-up sort of scent to get you ready and raring to go in the mornings, but it’s not totally me. So for £10.95 for 250g, I am just not sold. But if you like Vimto, luxurious showers and sweet scents, maybe this is more for you?

The saving grace of this shower, and something I really would recommend, are the solid shampoo bars especially the one featured on the right: Seanik. Seanik is by far the best shampoo bar IMHO, and I would tell everyone to buy this one regardless of gender and hair type. It’s main ingredients are Seaweed, Sea Salt and Lemon; this may sound unimpressive, but it is a versatile shampoo that only after a few strokes on your hair is really lathered up and ready to go. It’s an all year round, super speedy, I-can-wake-up-late-but-still-be-ready kind of product that is just super amazing. I can’t express enough how much I love it. For £6.25 (plus £2.50 if you buy a tin, which I sincerely recommend for storage purposes) it seems a little pricey, but honestly, it lasts and lasts and lasts… even longer if it’s cared for correctly!

So for me: Prince Charming is a NO but Seanik is a YES YES YES!!!


One thought on “Shower Power

  1. I am absolutely loving Prince Charming!!! I can’t get over the smell – but in a good way! All I smell is sweet, sherbety pomegranates… Mmmmmmmmmm! It could very well be my favourite scent so far from Lush – but we will have to see how I feel about it after I have used it all up! Opinions can change a lot throughout the use of a product!

    Seanik though, I pretty much agree with everything you said. It is definitely one of my all time favourite shampoos – it’s practically flawless! Absolutely love it 😀 Has a gorgeous colour too, and makes my hair feel really beachy with continuous use!

    I write loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads of Lush reviews over on my blog if you enjoy reading that type of thing. I assume if you enjoy writing them that you enjoy reading them!


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