Boy in the Bathtub

I interviewed a boy in the bathtub! Hence the title, quite obviously. I mean I was sat on the bed, shouting questions… and it wasn’t just any old boy either, it was my husband-to-be, but boy in the bathtub sounded more catchy!

chik_n_mix_bath_bomb_spring1I recently purchased ‘Chick n Mix’ on a ‘spree in Lush, and as a bath bomb concept I really liked it (my review of the other half coming tomorrow!). I mean who wouldn’t: look how adorable it is! The perfect Easter gift for your partner (so that you, like me, can pinch the other half and have a bath too!) or for someone you really like (it is £6.95, but it’s two baths worth in theory, so it’s up to you whether you think it’s value for money!).


Q: What did you think of the chocolate chip eyes?
It’s not very helpful; it’s a bit daft. Why would you want chocolate in the bath? Unless it’s specifically bath chocolate, but it’s just sitting at the bottom.

Q: How are you enjoying your bath so far?
It’s not doing anything special right now, it doesn’t smell particularly strong, the waters getting a bit cold and there’s bits of chocolate in it.

Q: What do you think of the bath bombs colour? 17453622_10209385865623769_292657213_o
It is very, very bright.

Q: What do you think of the ‘bombs smell?
I can’t really smell anything, I don’t know if it’s just me or what. It’s quite a muted smell, neutral, bland?

Q: What did you think of the orangey-middley-bit?
It smelt sweet, sweeter than the other bit.

Q: What would you rate this bath bomb out of 10?
Maybe like a 6? I don’t know whether it would work better with the whole bath bomb in at once or if the bottom part smells stronger? It was nice, but nothing really more than that.


It really was a neutral-smelling bath bomb and I had to get really close to the water to actually smell any fragrance at all. The bergamot is very scarcely used, and there is nothing else to really carry forward the perfume to anything big or dramatic. If you like a reserved smell, or find most bath bombs from Lush entirely overwhelming, THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU! In comparison to some of the other Easter ‘bombs on sale, this one looks impressive but so far the top has let us down. It was a speedy fizzer, with very quick yellow colour dispersion (its a much brighter yellow than the colour of the un-wet bath bomb lets on!!) but there was also not too much residue; a small yellow ring marking the top of the bath water, but nothing too drastic. Hopefully the ‘egg shell’ part holds up to my expectations (or should that be eggspectations!!!

Final Thoughts
As a ‘special’ it’s a nice gift, it looks brilliant, but goes little beyond that. There are many more products available that look less fancy but pack a much bigger punch smell-wise. Overall, disappointed. Anxiously waiting to try the ‘shell’ in the hope of bath bomb redemption.







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