In the Bathtub III

Chick ‘N’ Mix: the redemption.
17454783_10209385864983753_1645493954_oFeeling a little under the weather recently (hazards of the job unfortunately!!) so this was just what I needed, and after the other half used… well the other half, I really wasn’t expecting much. But it needed using up, and that isn’t really a phrase I use when it comes to bath bombs… I just really wasn’t expecting very much from this (read my previous review to see what I’m talking about!).

But what an amazing start. This part of the bath bomb was plainer and less fancy (i.e. no vegan chocolate eyes in sight) but I did have more of the yellow yoke to go with it. Instantly the colour contrast was just beautiful. The concept of colour is one of my favourite parts of art, and seeing the use of two very opposite colours in my bathtub was simply divine. So striking, so bold, and it smelled pretty good too! A total U-turn from the Chick! Whereas the chick was a (for want of a better description) nuclear-yellow, my bath waters were awash with a very pleasant mixture of blue-y grey and bright orange. The ‘yolk’ fizzed out the fastest, and the colour was ultimately lost, but at the beginning I already knew that this bath was going to be better. It was so pretty and stormy and swirly – less easter-y and a bit more… wintery? I guess? I don’t know. I suppose that, what I am trying to say is that, if I didn’t know this was an easter ‘bomb, I would know it was an easter ‘bomb. It doesn’t instantly scream EASTER by itself….

And whilst the ingredients are listed as the same, this bath bomb seemed to give… more? It smelled stronger (not overpoweringly so, but it was definitely less muted than the chick), and the bergamot and the tonka absolute added more to the fragrance. Part of me wonders whether there was any of the tonka absolute in the chick, and that is was the grey-colour of my part was created from. It was sweeter, and slightly musky. The orangey yolk smelled divine, like sherbet or orange fizzers…  I almost want the whole bath bomb to smell like this!

The bath bomb was pleasant… and has been utterly utterly redeemed from the top half. Part of me wants to buy another one and put the entire thing in one bath (perhaps at £6.95 its a bit pricey to do this) but it makes for a wonderful gift.

Here is a picture of my cat who sat with me after my bath, whilst I watched Netflix and ate crisps. 

Final Results:
Name: Chick ‘n’ Mix
£6.95 (for two bath bombs if you’re thrifty?)
the egg, sweet and satisfying: the chick, less so
fast, good colour!
: 1.5 minimal but high colour pigments mean some are left behind
Overall, probably 6.5 out of 10

Final thoughts? The egg shell wasn’t quite good enough to pull the score out of the 6’s for the whole bath bomb: I really like mine to smell like Lush itself: big, bold and punchy, zingy and loud! This didn’t quite cut it for me or my SO, but if someone bought it for us, we would definitely be thrilled as it makes for a lovely gift. As for buying it for yourself? There are better (and cheaper) bath bombs available in Lush for that self pampering treat.

Over and Out. X


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