In the Bathtub IV

Today’s star: Over and Over. Whom I have mistreated by keeping for so long and so badly that it has totally cracked and broken on the top… forgive my bath bomb, I didn’t mean it.

This is the second to last bath bomb from my after Christmas shop (the other being Dragons Egg) and I am actually quite sorry that I forgot about this one. It is awesome.wp-1490554877333.jpg I thing the fact that it was broken might have helped the colour dispersal, but it was very beautiful very quickly. Instantly when I dropped it into the water, it fizzed pink and orange and yellow (the inner part is pink), it reminded me of a fruit salad or a summer cocktail or lemonade with the smell to match. It’s quite a slow fizzer, so even after the bath is full up and you’re ready to go in, parts of the bath bomb are still going (science bit: I think this has something to do with the citric acid in the bath bomb that slows down the reaction of the sodium bicarbonate and the water).

It’s so psychedelic. It’s so vivid. It’s so bright. And when that has all finished it is 
Like seriously. When you’re under the water, you can’t even see that you are under the water. It was like, less that 1 foot between my face and my arms and I COULDN’T SEE THEM.

wp-1490554820014.jpgI was sad that I left this one for so long, because it was great. The orangey part of the top is like the bath bomb has been dipped in waxed and left to dry, but that is the soothing cocoa butter that I was worried might leave my skin feeling greasy and slick, but it really didn’t. We did suffer from some orange residue, and even before the ‘bomb had finished fizzing I knew that we would be in for some brightly coloured tide lines around the bath (much like Lava Lamp). But, ya’know, I reckon it is worth it. It smells so gorgeous and uplifting that I could have used it on the stormiest, wintriest, most miserable day, I would have been ready to go into the outdoors and take on anything. With Lime, Orris and Fennel, (and you definitely get the citrus hit straight off the bat) it leaves you refreshed and re-energise and ready to take on the most laborious of tasks with a smile on your face and a song in your heart (maybe that’s a bit far but you get the picture). My skin has been giving me a bit of hassle lately, and I think it has really appreciated the combination of soothing and softening cocoa butter, cleansing and anti-inflammatory fennel, uplifting lime, and the chance to inhale some summery, floral aromas. After walking 7.6km yesterday, it was needed. And for £4.25, what more could you want.

Over and Over; £4.25; slow-to-medium fizzer; quite a heavy residue leaver; main smell of citrus; 7.5 out of 10 and maybe just in my top ‘bombs?

My cat has been sharing in the upliftingness of that fact spring is here too. He has very much enjoyed moving his napping place from the living room window, to the bedroom window, where he can get the sun right from the ‘rise. Two days in a row and counting. Lazy thing.




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