CLD (Compulsive Lush Disorder)

I have a problem, and I can’t help it. But I just love Lush. I have no product preference, I just see something I like and I put it in the basket… and the my bathroom ends up stuffed with these products. I am not the most girly of people when it comes to looking after myself i.e. I don’t wear make-up unless it is for a special occasion, I’d rather play video games that paint my nails, and showers will always win over baths… but the one thing I do treat myself to, is a nice product (or two, or 10) from Lush. And my nearest Lush is a good hours travel away (no matter how you get there) so I do like to stock up.

Here is my collection of products so far (bath bombs are my weakness…)wp-1490554920850.jpgFrom top to bottom we have:

  • The remainder of Lush Gardener (in the blue tub): antibacterial, and you can use the water as a natural insect repellent on plants, what is not to love!
  • Outback Mate (soap):bought as a present, used very often.
  • A Christmas soap called Shoot for the Stars (or something like that): the purple bit smells divine, but I am not sure about the other bits…
  • Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask: an absolute beauty! valentines day edition perhaps?
  • ‘Love’ soap (the name has escaped me): a present from the SO for valentine’s day, so far untouched, but smells good!
  • Golden Egg bath bomb melt… SO. MUCH. GLITTER. (One for the holidays methinks)
  • Brazen Honey face mask: brought back 5 pots and got it free… result. It’s nice 🙂
  • Which Came First (Stripes) a massive easter egg bomb… surprise inside?
  • Tooth Fairy… the best toothpaste I have ever used
  • Dragons Egg… a bit soft as I think it’s been around a while!
  • Avobath Bath Bomb, smells divine, I can’t wait to use it
  • Sugar Plum Fairy: a Wonderful Christmas lip scrub that replaced my beloved ‘bubblegum’ after the sweetness made me feel sick
  • Lover Lamp from my Valentine ❤
  • Over and Over: equally as old as Dragons Egg, a bit cracked on the top
  • Fifty Shades of Earl Grey massage bar… I love this one!
  • Seanik Shampoo bar… by far the best one
  • Experimenter: I’ve yet to use this one. I’ve bought it before, but I gave it to a friend who I’d not seen for ages and who was poorly
  • A special ‘bomb to help free Andy Tsenge – do good, feel good ^_^
  • Ups-A-Daisy: looked so cool in the shop, I can’t wait to try it
  • Fizzbanger: I LOVE THIS ONE
  • Jason and the Argon Oils shampoo bar… I had a bad experience with this guy, and it ruined my hair for about a week, so needless to say I’ve only used it once.
  • Love Spell massage bar: a valentine’s gift, not used yet. Smells good though.
  • Mermaid Fun, bought in the summer from Oxford Street (aka Heaven)
  • What is left of my Heart Eyes emoji bubble bar, it’s pretty good, and even better now I know how to actually use bubble bars…
  • Baa Baa Bubble Bar, too cute to leave in the shop
  • Prince Charming, gift, love-hate relationship with it.

I have a problem. And the first stage of curing it is admitting it. Although I will also admit that it has recently been pay day and I have treated myself to a whole bunch of Kitchen Exclusives that will be arriving very soon. Look out for my Lush Haul soon.


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