Fresh Faced

Basically. I painted a Charizard on my face for Comic Relief and had an allergic-y type reaction to the face paint.20170324_081739.jpg Eek. Hello spots and redness. I mean, I was never allowed face paint as a kid for allergy reasons but I figured out I would have grown out of that now?

No. Apparently not.

After spending about 30 minutes trying to get the colour (and colour stain!!) off of my face, I then had to go through the next like… 2 days of breaking out in spots, sore patches, extra shine, itchiness, dryness… you name it, my face reacted like crazy. Like, even after and washing and moisturising that evening, the next day the skin around my eyebrows, nose and forehead was still stained orange. I have combination skin as it is: the driest skin being on my cheeks and the greasiest skin being on my nose, so using such vibrant paints in these areas was maybe not the best of ideas but hey, Charity.

Anyway, I was beginning to lose hope with my skin, no matter how much I was using witch hazel spot sticks and moisturiser, the spots and dryness were getting worse as the weekend wore on. Then I remembered the face mask in my fridge and as luck would have it, it is a calming soothing face mask to reduce redness/rosiness.

It is quite a thick face mask, almost the consistency of Natural or Greek yoghurt. Being stored in the fridge means that it is soooo cooling, it feels great straight away. After 15 minutes, I washed it off and I could see an instant difference. Less redness and irritation, and smoother, less dry skin. I am not saying that this is an instant fixer for irritated, dry or red skin, but it certainly helps. The calamine in it (well known for being a remedy for skin that needs soothing from chicken pox or insect bites etc) really does help to calm the skin, and help return it to it’s natural appearance.

Lush to the rescue again. Phew.



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