Hello. After a mini-hiatus, I’ve dusted off my laptop and I am back. Thanks for holding out, and sticking with me. It’s been a relaxing time off (with and without baths!!) but now I am back to reviewing. I’ve got lots of products I can’t wait to tell you about.

But we will start with one of the more humble bath bomb: Dragon’s Egg.

I fricking love this one: I was recommended it by a member of staff at Lush… at least 5 or 6 years ago. It was just after Christmas, and I had just discovered the Golden Wonder. Obviously, as an Xmas exclusive, they don’t have any after December and I was looking forward to plugging the hole left behind by that gorgeous glittering parcel. I came home with Dragon’s Egg and was relatively happy with it (and how similar it was to my absolute favourite ‘bomb). 18109972_10209660083319040_1802488241_o

All these years later, and they still go into my basket every now and then. This one had been hanging around for a while, like my Over and Over. It had gone slightly soft, but this didn’t affect the fizz or the smell very much at all. With all my wonderful new products, I didn’t want to leave it any longer.

It’s a slow fizzer, and looks so unassuming from the outside. But as that white outer ‘shell’ melts away it reveals lovely orange tendrils of coloured bubbles with some bright petals(?) of soap, I guess. It’s full of popping candy which you can hear (and feel!) if you put your head under the water, and there is a slight glittery lustre in the water too: nothing too garish and obvious, but just enough to add that little bit of magic to a subtle-looking ‘bomb.

18053345_10209660082599022_1199603596_oThe smell is on the right side of floral and citrus: nothing too muted, which can happen with bergamot and jasmine, but it compliments the lemon oil wonderfully. It is cleansing and refreshing and leaves you feeling totally uplifted. It is punchy and zingy, without being too much. Don’t judge a bath bomb by its cover – you could be missing out.

This definitely takes it’ proud place in my top ten, and maybe even in my top five… and with all the times that I have bought it, it is going to take something pretty spectacular to knock it out!

Neither particularly masculine or feminine, we’ve all enjoyed this one in my house (my cat once stood on the edge of the bath and, accidentally because falling, dipped a few paws in the tub!). Shout out to my little sister, who’s bought and enjoyed this one too.

An absolute winner, and for £3.95, YOU CAN’T REALLY GO WRONG. And, it’s called a Dragon’s Egg. How often can you hatch a egg and produce a wonderful bath? Tune in next time, for a rather different egg.

Laters. x



Kitty ❤


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